Preventing an Opiate Overdose

What to know about Fentanyl

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 50-100x more powerful than morphine. Carfentanil, a fentanyl analog, is another synthetic opioid that is 10,000x more potent. Since they are cheap to produce, these synthetics are being cut into substances, particularly opioids, but also meth, benzos and more. Testing for fentanyl and its analogs is important because with fentanyl and its analogs comes increased potency of drugs and, therefore, increased risk of overdose.


Fentanyl test strips are used to detect whether or not fentanyl is present. While they don’t tell you how much is in there, they do tell you its there. There are two different ways to use the strips depending on the drugs being tested.

How to test Opioids, Cocaine and Benzos for Fentanyl

How to test MDMA and Meth for Fentanyl