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Syphilis 101:

  • Syphilis is an infection caused by bacteria.

  • Syphilis doesn't discriminate, anyone can get it! 

  • It is transmitted through sexual contact, or from a pregnant person to child during pregnancy/childbirth. 

  • Syphilis can be CURED with antibiotics. 

  • If you test positive for syphilis, it does not mean you are immune.

Why Get Tested for Syphilis?

  • Rates of syphilis are on the rise, like many other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

    • Primary and secondary syphilis rates have gone up by 156% between 2017-2021 in Colorado.

    • ​Congenital syphilis rates have gone up by 669% between 2017-2021 in Colorado​.

  • Many people who have syphilis don’t know it.

  • If left untreated, syphilis can cause serious health problems.

  • We recommend that everyone has routine sexual health testing.

Syphilis prevention tools:

  • ​Get routine sexual health testing.

  • Before you have sex with someone new, have a conversation with them about sexual health.

  • Use barriers appropriate for the sex you have, like condoms, internal condoms or dams.

  • Considering personal lube to reduce microtears in tissue. 

    • Water-based lube is generally allergy-free and safe for anybody. Additionally, it is easy to wash off and can be reconstituted with a bit of water if it becomes sticky or dry. 

    • Silicone lube is often favored by individuals who practice anal sex because it lasts longer and doesn’t dry out. This is key as the anus doesn’t lubricate.

    • Oil-based lube such as baby oil, lotion or Vaseline etc. can damage condoms and is not recommended.

Interested in treatment options or testing for other STIs?

Make an appointment with our amazing sexual health team! You can call the JCPH clinic to make an appointment at 303-303-239-7078 or visit the JCPH clinic website to learn more.

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