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Harm Reduction Services


Supplies and Tools We Offer

  • Sterile syringes in a variety of lengths and gauges

  • Other injection gear like ties, sterile water, cookers and cottons

  • Kits for safer smoking, wound care, snorting and more

  • Overdose prevention training

  • Narcan (naloxone), fentanyl test strips and xylazine test strips

  • Safer injection information such as vein care

  • Safer sex tools in a sex-positive, affirming environment

  • Other life necessities like hygiene items, snacks and water

  • Testing and counseling services for HIV, hepatitis C and syphilis

  • Basic life needs like water, snacks, personal hygiene items, menstrual products, seasonal goods (like hand warmers, gloves, etc.) and more! Supplies may vary.

The Points West Participant Experience

Image of share syringe collectors
  • Points West participation is safe, inclusive, confidential and anonymous. Our staff is welcoming and knowledgeable. We are here for our participants!

  • A visit to Points West starts in one of the syringe exchange rooms.​

  • Safe disposal / sharps containers are available for any disposal. We will match those syringes plus 40 more.​

  • First-time participants do a brief anonymous intake with demographic and use history questions. These questions are all optional and always confidential.​

  • A participant code will be created using the initials of first, middle, last names; the year of birth and gender identity​.

    • The code is used to anonymously enroll and participate in the program and is the same code used at all syringe services program across Colorado.

  • Each participant receives an exemption card / participant ID card.

  • ​Every time someone comes to Points West they will answer a handful of anonymous questions including the number of syringes disposed of, supplies needed and any resources or education wanted.

  • The team member will assemble and package the syringes and injection supplies, as well as providing any other information, resources, supplies, etc.​

  • The visit ends with a smile and an invitation to come see us soon!

The Exemption Card

image of participant ID card
  • This card lists the participant ID and issue date, as well as important laws that protect participants rights.

  • Additionally, the card is proof of enrollment in the syringe program during encounters with law enforcement or similar. It is not required but is helpful to have on hand in these encounters. If it is not available, participants can simply report their enrollment in a syringe program.

  • If charged with paraphernalia anyway, participants can come to Points West to get a letter proving their enrollment to share with the courts.

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