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Our Street Outreach Story 

Outreach Van Pic.png

Our street outreach team began with the goal of delivering COVID-19 information and testing to people experiencing homelessness. Initially intended as COVID-19 mitigation through the Jefferson County Public Health Office of Pandemic Response, it quickly became apparent that people we were interacting with needed syringe services. Within a few months, the program evolved into a Points West project centered on harm reduction.

People experiencing homelessness or facing housing insecurity have unique needs. If they use drugs, these needs can be even more complex. By literally meeting people where they are, we can deliver harm reduction services and resources to individuals who are not able to get to our physical location at Jefferson County Public Health.


Our outreach team is made up of primarily Points West staff. We go all over the county to connect with folks. Our range includes an urban corridors, suburban neighborhoods and many open spaces. Sometimes people let us know about an encampment they’ve seen, or sometimes we return to a spot where we have been able to help people before. We are a friendly, non-judgmental crew! If you see us out with our backpacks, or in the blue van,  stop and say hi!

Check out our Instagram to see what areas we will be on outreach, we post our outreach schedule there every month.

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