Syringe Services

Syringe services and HIV/HCV testing are free and confidential to all participants of the program. No appointment is necessary for syringe services visits.


Harm reduction services include:

  • Sharps containers

  • ID card to protect from paraphernalia charges

  • Syringes

  • Cookers, Waters, Cottons, Alcohol wipes, Ties, Bandages

  • Wound Care kits

  • Safer sex supplies

  • HIV and Hepatitis C Testing and Counseling

  • Literature and advice about safer injection practices

  • Overdose prevention and Naloxone education

  • Naloxone Dispensing


Other clinic services (appointment required):

  • Immunizations

  • Family Planning

  • STD testing and treatment


The syringe services program is located at 645 Parfet St. Lakewood, CO, 80215, in the Jefferson County Public Health clinic. Individual syringe services visits will take place in a clinic exam room, one-on-one, with a trained JCPH staff member.


Services are available on a walk-in basis, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 10:00am to 5:00pm. No appointment is necessary.


Participants of the syringe services program will be able to exchange their used syringes for sterile syringes on a 1:1 plus 40 ratio. This means that if a participant comes to Points West without bringing any used needles to safely dispose of, they will be allowed to leave with 40 sterile syringes. This ratio is to encourage the safe and proper disposal of used sharps (syringes), while also providing participants with necessary sterile equipment to prevent disease transmission. Participants will be allowed to take as many additional injection supplies as necessary (cookers, cottons, waters, alcohol wipes, tourniquets).

Participants will receive an identification card proving that they are a member of a syringe services program. This card protects participants from drug paraphernalia charges in the state of Colorado.